Sigma特殊产品Thiopropyl–Sepharose® 6B

Sigma特殊产品Thiopropyl–Sepharose® 6B

产品编号 T8387 | CAS号 68517-67-9 | SIGMA

包装:1, 5, 15 g in poly bottle

Physical form

Lyophilized powder stabilized with lactose and dextran


Thiopropyl Sepharose® 6B is used in protein chromatography, affinity chromatography and hydrophobic interactions. Thiopropyl Sepharose® 6B has been used for the removal of inhibitors from PCR extracts from evidence collected for law enforcement murder investigations. Thiopropyl Sepharose® 6B has also been used to describe a method for the investigation of functional properties of distinct domains of viral thiol proteins, including the influenza virus membrane M1 protein.


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