Himedia兽医用培养基 Veterinary

Himedia兽医用培养基 Veterinary



Veterinary section is concerned with microbial diseases of domesticated animals and wild animals living in captivity and their infections are of interest because of their interrelation with humans (zoonoses) and/or domestic animals. HiMedia provides various media for bacteria, fungi and anaerobes, which are useful in the Veterinary. It also includes Ready Prepared along with Powdered Media for transportation that offers a safe and appropriate way of carrying the samples from distances (long or short). It fastens the growth of microorganisms that helps in perfect isolation. The powdered media are available in both versions i.e. animal and vegetable based peptones.

Collection & Transport Media

General Purpose Media 通用培养基

Media like Brain Heart Infusion Agar, Nutrient Agar, Tryptose Agar are included in this section for the isolation and cultivation of Bacteria.

EC001CCL HiEncap™ Nutrient Agar
EC001D HiEncap™ Nutrient Agar
EC210CCL HiEncap™ Brain Heart Infusion Broth
EC210D HiEncap™ Brain Heart Infusion Broth
EC211CCL HiEncap™ Brain Heart Infusion Agar (HiEncap™ Special Infusion Agar)
GM001 Nutrient Agar
(Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
GM009 Fluid Thioglycollate Medium
(Thioglycollate Medium, Fluid)
GM011 Soyabean Casein Digest Medium
(Tryptone Soya Broth)
GM210 Brain Heart Infusion Broth
(Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
GM211 Brain Heart Infusion Agar
(Special Infusion Agar)
(Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
GM290 Casein Soyabean Digest Agar
(Soyabean Casein Digest Agar) (Tryptone Soya Agar)
LQ199C Sterile Saline, 0.9%
LQ210C Brain Heart Infusion Broth
LQ210D Brain Heart Infusion Broth
M001 Nutrient Agar
(Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M009 Fluid Thioglycollate Medium (Thioglycollate Medium, Fluid)
M011 Soyabean Casein Digest Medium (Tryptone Soya Broth)
M084 Dextrose Agar
M093 Tryptose Phosphate Broth
M158 Azide Blood Agar Base
(Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M1902 Nutrient Broth No.3
M210 Brain Heart Infusion Broth
(Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M211 Brain Heart Infusion Agar (Special Infusion Agar)
(Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M290 Casein Soyabean Digest Agar (Soyabean Casein Digest Agar) (Tryptone Soya Agar)
M428 Eugonic Agar
M538 Tryptose Agar
M834 Blood Agar Base No. 2
(Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M883 Meat Infusion Agar (Standard Infusion Agar)
MCD001 Nutrient HiCynth™ Agar
MCD009 Fluid Thioglycollate HiCynth™ Medium (Thioglycollate HiCynth™ Medium, Fluid)
MCD011 Soyabean Casein Digest HiCynth™ Medium (Tryptone Soya HiCynth™ Broth)
MCD210 Brain Heart Infusion HiCynth™ Broth
MCD211 Brain Heart Infusion HiCynth™ Agar (Special Infusion HiCynth™ Agar)
MCD290 Soyabean Casein Digest HiCynth™ Agar (Casein Soyabean Digest HiCynth™ Agar) (Tryptone Soya HiCynth™ Agar)
MCD834 Blood Agar HiCynth™ Base No.2
MP001L Nutrient Agar Plate (150mm plate)
MPV290GT Soyabean HiVeg Agar Plate(Tryptone Soya HiVeg Agar Plate)
MV001 Nutrient HiVeg™ Agar
MV009 Fluid Thioglycollate HiVeg™ Medium
MV011 Soyabean HiVeg™ Medium
MV084 Dextrose HiVeg™ Agar
MV093 Tryptose Phosphate Broth, HiVeg™
MV158 Azide Blood Agar Base, HiVeg™
MV210 Brain Heart Infusion Broth, HiVeg™
MV211 Brain Heart Infusion Agar, HiVeg™
(Special Infusion Agar, HiVeg™)
MV290 Soyabean HiVeg™ Agar
MV428 Eugonic HiVeg™ Agar
MV538 Tryptose Agar, HiVeg™
MV834 Blood Agar Base No. 2, HiVeg™
MV883 Meat Infusion Agar, HiVeg™
(Standard Infusion Agar, HiVeg™)
SM001D Nutrient Agar
SM211D Brain Heart Infusion Agar
SM290D Soyabean Casein Digest Agar

Media for Anaerobes   厌氧菌培养基

Media for Brucella  布鲁氏菌培养基

Media for Enterobacteriaceae  肠杆菌科培养基

Media for Francisella   弗朗西塞拉培养基

Media for Fungi   真菌培养基

Media for Listeria  李斯特菌培养基

Listeriosis is a common condition in some farm outbreaks and to help isolate and cultivate this species. HiMedia has developed a number of media such as Listeria Enrichment Broth, Listeria Identification Agar Base, Listeria Oxford Medium Base etc.


FD061 李斯特菌选择性补充剂(PALCAM) Listeria Selective Supplement (PALCAM)
FD063 李斯特菌选择性补充剂II Listeria Selective Supplement II
FD065 Fraser浓缩补充剂 Fraser Enrichment Supplement
FD071 牛津李斯特菌 Oxford Listeria Supplement
FD125 Fraser选择性补充剂 Fraser Selective Supplement
FD136 UVM补充材料I Listeria UVM Supplement I
FD137 UVM补充材料II Listeria UVM Supplement II
GM1064 李斯特菌鉴定琼脂碱 Listeria Identification Agar Base
(符合ISO 17025:2005) (Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
GM1083 Fraser二次富集肉汤碱 Fraser Secondary Enrichment Broth Base
(符合ISO 17025:2005) (Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
GM1145 牛津李斯特菌培养基 Listeria Oxford Medium Base
(符合ISO 17025:2005) (Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
GM889 李斯特菌选择性肉汤碱 Listeria Selective Broth Base
(符合ISO 17025:2005) (Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M1064 李斯特菌鉴定琼脂基(PALCAM) Listeria Identification Agar Base (PALCAM)
(符合ISO 17025:2005) (Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M1083 Fraser二次富集肉汤碱 Fraser Secondary Enrichment Broth Base
(符合ISO 17025:2005) (Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M1145 牛津李斯特菌培养基 Listeria Oxford Medium Base
(符合ISO 17025:2005) (Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M386 麦布莱德李斯特菌琼脂碱 McBride Listeria Agar Base
M567 李斯特菌选择性琼脂(双组分) Listeria Selective Agar (Twin pack)
M569 李斯特菌浓缩肉汤(双组分) Listeria Enrichment Broth (Twin pack)
M889 李斯特菌选择性肉汤碱 Listeria Selective Broth Base
(符合ISO 17025:2005) (Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M890A 李斯特菌富集培养基碱(UVM) Listeria Enrichment Medium Base (UVM)
(符合ISO 17025:2005) (Complies as per ISO 17025:2005)
M890M 李斯特菌富集培养基碱 Listeria Enrichment Medium Base, Modifie
MV1064 李斯特菌鉴定™琼脂碱 Listeria Identification HiVeg™ Agar Base
MV1083 Fraser二次富集™肉汤碱 Fraser Secondary Enrichment HiVeg™ Broth Base
MV1145 牛津李斯特菌™培养基 Listeria Oxford HiVeg™ Medium Base
MV386 ™琼脂碱 McBride Listeria HiVeg™ Agar Base
MV567 李斯特菌选择性™琼脂(双组分) Listeria Selective HiVeg™ Agar (Twin pack)
MV569 富李斯特菌™肉汤(双组分) Listeria Enrichment HiVeg™ Broth (Twin pack)
MV889 李斯特菌选择性™肉汤碱 Listeria Selective HiVeg™ Broth Base
MV890A 富李斯特菌™培养基碱 Listeria Enrichment HiVeg™ Medium Base (UVM)

Media for Pseudomonas  假单胞菌培养基

Media for S.agalactiae  赤链霉菌(S.agalactiae)的培养基

Media for Salmonella-Shigella  沙门氏菌媒介-志贺菌

Media for Staphylococci    葡萄球菌培养基

Media for Streptococci  链球菌培养基

Media for Vibrio   弧菌传播培养基