Sigma丝裂霉素 C 来源于头状链霉菌

Sigma丝裂霉素 C 来源于头状链霉菌

产品编号 M0503-2mg | CAS号 50-07-7 | SIGMA

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Mitomycin C is produced by a strain of actinomyces, Streptomyces caespitosus. It contains three anticancer moieties, quinine, urethane, and aziridine groups. It is used to generate mitotically inactive feeder cells in cell culture systems, such as the mitotically inactive fibroblasts used in embryonic stem cell systems.

Biochem/physiol Actions

DNA 合成、细胞核分裂和癌细胞的抑制剂。对革兰氏阳性菌、革兰氏阴性菌、抗酸杆菌有抗菌性。


This vial contains 2 mg Mitomycin C and 48 mg NaCl. Stock solutions should be filter sterilized and stored at 2-8°C in the dark. Solutions at pH 6-9 can be stored at 0-5°C for up to a week, but if a precipitate forms, a fresh solution should be prepared – the precipitated solution has been proven toxic to cells.

Preparation Note

Mitomycin C is soluble in water at .5 mg/mL, with a pH of 6.0-7.5. It undergoes rapid degradation in acidic solutions with pH<6, and is mostly likely to retain activity in solutions with a pH between 6-9.

Protocols & Applications

Antibiotic Selector for application, solubility, solution stability, working concentration, and mode of action information